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New trial looms for Silvio Berlusconi: bunga-bunga is back

New trial looms for Silvio Berlusconi: bunga-bunga is back

Silvio Berlusconi s known as Italy’s eternal comeback king, no, his comeback related to his famous bunga-bunga parties, The Local Italy reported.

The former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi reportedly paid a witness to give false testimony about his notorious parties a-la bunga-bunga in 2008-2009. On Friday, this old accusation hit Italy ex-PM again when the judge in Bari set the first hearing in the witness tampering trial for February 4, 2019.

The bunga-bunga story dates back to 2008-2009 when ambitious Giampolo Tarantini brought escort girls to parties at then-PM’s residences in Rome and Sardinia. While the young businessman Tarantini is currently appealing an 8-year sentence for procuring prostitutes for Silvio Berlusconi, the latter faced accusations of having paid Tarantini to keep quiet about the details of bunga-bunga nights.

According to Bari prosecutors, Tarantini got from Berlusconi “hundreds of thousands of euros, legal assistance and a job” for an intentional lie in the court. In fact, Giampolo Tarantini’s case is not the only one in Berlusconi’s practice who paid similar ‘assistance’ in Milan, Sienna, Rome and Turin. People who procured the former prime minister with the girls should keep quiet about his private parties.

Berlusconi never denied making the payments

The former prime minister and media tycoon has never denied making different payments, but said they were to help “somebody or a family with children that was in serious financial difficulty”. Italians know very well that Silvio is not only the rich man, he is also one of the most generous people in the country.

“We are confident that after the trial opens Mr Berlusconi will quickly be acquitted,” Berlusconi’s attorney Nicolo Ghedini said.

In 2011, Mr Berlusconi was ousted following a parliamentary revolt against his increasingly scandal-tainted rule and a wave of panic on the financial markets that pushed Italy to the brink of default. seven years after, he made an attempt to come back to the political activity, however, the right-wing young colleagues rejected his help.