London ex-mayor Boris Johnson will not run for British PM

Last Updated: June 30, 2016

The Great Britain is ready for the new Prime Minister, and one of the logical person for this post is Boris Johnson. But an ex-mayor of London said that he will not run for British PM.

“The next prime minister cannot be me,” said Boris Jonson to the press when he was asked about a possibility of running for PM these days. The intrigue who will be the next prime minister after David Cameron’s resign is going on. The referendum led to many and quick changes in the British political situation.

In fact, until today the race for the PM chair was alike a standoff between ex-mayor Boris Johnson (insisted on leaving EU) and Theresa May. She is the domestic security chief, and she had backed “remain EU,” actually. If Boris Johnson is not intended to be the next British PM, maybe May will go ahead?