Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister says Hungary should be kicked out of EU

September 15, 2016

Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister calls to exclude Hungary from the EU, the reason of such an offer became a “massive violation of EU fundamental values”. According to the head of Luxembourgish MFA, “Hungary treats refugees almost like wild animals”.

Hungary should be temporarily suspended or even excluded from the European Union, says Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn in his interview with German daily Die Welt . The Minister believes it is “the only possibility to protect the cohesion and values of the European Union.”

During the interview, Asselborn reminded that The EU could not tolerate “such inappropriate behaviour”, meaning the Hungary’s controversial anti-immigrant border fence.

Mr. Asselborn severely criticized the PM Viktor Orbán’s government, which allows attack the independence of the judiciary and freedom of the press. Luxembourgish Foreign Minister calls Hungary to change its behavior if the country intended to stay in the EU.


The Foreign Minister of Hungary responded to the counterpart’s harsh remarks, Péter Szijjartó said that Mr. Asselborn is “patronising, arrogant and frustrated” in his comments. Hungarian Foreign Minister also noted that “it was somewhat curious that Jean Asselborn and Jean-Claude Juncker – who both come from the country of tax optimization – speak about jointly sharing burdens.” Péter Szijjartó added:

“But we understand what this really means: Hungary should take on the burden created by the mistakes of others”.