Today: Sunday, 26 May 2024 year

A scandal erupted in the United States over Clinton’s rude statement on a TV show.

A scandal erupted in the United States over Clinton’s rude statement on a TV show.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s harsh statement about the upcoming US presidential election on the Tonight Show caused a negative reaction in the American media.

Host Jimmy Fallon asked the politician to appeal to frustrated voters who don’t want to choose again between boring Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“Get over yourself. The choice will only be between these two options,” Clinton demanded of the Americans.

She added that Biden remains effective and compassionate despite his advanced age. At the same time, Trump, according to his former rival, is not only too old, but also accused of many crimes.

The American media sharply condemned Clinton’s rude demand and pointed out its danger for Biden’s rating. Thus, the MSNBC channel accused the former first lady of a lack of empathy and unwillingness to understand the reasons for voters’ dissatisfaction. Her suggestion to “get over yourself” was described as almost contemptuous.

The political publication Hill noted that Clinton’s statement could seriously damage Biden’s positions. Experts interviewed by journalists believe that the teacher’s tone of the former Secretary of State will only alienate young voters from the Democratic Party.

“I’m not sure what the most effective way is to bring disappointed Democrats, young voters, back to Joe Biden,”  party political strategist Mark Longabaugh said.

The next US presidential election will be held in November 2024. Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination; all his competitors have already dropped out of the race. Current American leader Joe Biden has stated that he intends to be re-elected from the Democratic Party.