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Afghanistan reports its biggest one-day rise of COVID-19 cases

Afghanistan reports its biggest one-day rise of COVID-19 cases

Afghanistan has reported its biggest one-day rise of the novel virus cases on Thursday. The number of confirmed patients with COVID-19 reached 1,226 with the most-infected provinces Kandahar and Kunduz.

In Afghanistan, there has been a four-day pause in testing in several regions because of a shortage of testing kits known as “RNA extraction kits”. As it has resumed, the one-day rise became the record. At least 83 new cases have been reported, mostly in the southern province of Kandahar.

The Middle Eastern nation is struggling with a shortage of RNA extraction kits, which scientists use to isolate the RNA (ribonucleic acid) in samples of the novel pathogen, said Wahidullah Mayar, a health ministry spokesman.

According to the official, on April 22, WHO sent some kit for distribution the most-infected parts of the country.

The Aghan capital city, Kabul, has recorded six new cases, pushing the total number of infections to 419. On Thursday, Kabul’s governor said restrictions on movements would be tightened as people continue to move freely on the streets despite a lockdown.

Meanwhile, the ministry of higher education has extended the closure of all higher education institutions, universities and other training activities until May 9. The government urges people to obey the restrictions rules as part of efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus.

As of Thursday morning, Afghanistan has so far recorded 40 deaths and 177 recoveries.