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Argentina found Iran and Hezbollah responsible for the 1994 attack.

Argentina found Iran and Hezbollah responsible for the 1994 attack.

The Cassation Chamber of the Argentine capital court decided to review the verdicts in one of the court cases regarding the attack on a Jewish cultural center in 1994 and hold a new trial in the absence of the Iranians involved in this case, and also came to the conclusion that the attack was organized by Iran and carried out by the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, TN TV reported.

“In two rulings… it was found to be proven that Tehran was behind the attack on the Argentine Jewish community on July 18, 1994, which killed 85 people. In addition, the court called the attack on AMIA a crime against humanity, calling for legal reforms “to be able to try the fugitive suspects in absentia. These are seven Lebanese and Iranians who have an international arrest warrant from Interpol and are under protection in their countries,” the TN website said.

According to the rulings of the Criminal Court of Cassation, cited by the media, responsibility for the attacks on the Israeli Embassy and AMIA lies with the Hezbollah movement, and the attacks themselves “corresponded to the political and strategic plan” of Iran.

Hezbollah, it is noted, “operated according to the design, organization, planning and financing of state and parastatal organizations subordinate to the government of the ayatollahs.” In this regard, the court stated that Iran “is subject to international responsibility even if the terrorist act was committed by a group that is not formally a state but acts under the control or direction of one (as is the case between Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran) “.

According to the Argentine judges, Iran can be qualified as a terrorist state and assigned international responsibility, which would imply an obligation to fully compensate the moral and material damage caused to the victims and victims.

The rulings note that Argentina became a target of terrorists due to “the unilateral decision of the government of Carlos Menem to cancel three contracts for the supply of nuclear materials and technologies agreed with Tehran.”

In 1994, a bomb exploded near the Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people and injuring more than 200. Argentina has accused a number of senior Iranians, including ex-President Hashemi Rafsanjani and seven former government officials, of involvement in organizing the largest terrorist attack in the country’s history. Iranian authorities have always categorically denied the accusations.