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Automated disinfection system gives businesses a break from cleaning

Automated disinfection system gives businesses a break from cleaning

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the development of many useful and innovatiove things like the disinfection system. As Springwise reports, Fog-EZ’s automated disinfection system allows users to pre-program treatments around their schedule.

While the COVID-19 has made many people panic about doing things they previously took for granted, the engineers offer the new disinfection system. For reopened business, there has been a big push to clean surfaces, yet wiping them down by hand is a costly and onerous task. It is only natural that staff disinfecting areas manually will miss some surfaces.

The Florida-based company Fog-EZ has developed a fully-automated system that enables businesses to disinfect surfaces on a pre-set schedule. As genial as easy, Fog-EZ co-founder, Devin Burnup said. The system uses a dry fog of chemicals – approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency – to inactivate pathogens.

The idea for the system came about at the start of the coronavirus crisis across the globe. Millions of people in all countries were all employed in some aspect of the cruise line industry and watched it collapse around us. Thousands of people lost their jobs. “We decided to take action, to develop an automated system that would deliver disinfectant with little effort from the end user,” Burnup said.

The study showed that the novel pathogen could persist on plastic and stainless steel for days, headlines were triggered. This led to a push to decontaminate everything – from doorknobs to groceries.

The studies are continuing, making the world safer. Last May, the US Centres for Diesel Control and Prevention updated its guidance, emphasizing that “the main mode by which people are infected with SARS-CoV-2 is through exposure to respiratory droplets carrying infectious virus.”