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China has declared its readiness to resolutely defend its interests at sea.

China has declared its readiness to resolutely defend its interests at sea.

The PRC will resolutely defend its legitimate rights and interests at sea and will continue to respond to any provocations, the Chinese military stated during negotiations with the US military in Hawaii.

The US and Chinese militaries met in Hawaii on April 3-4 to discuss issues of secure cooperation in air and sea space.

As noted by the Chinese Ministry of Defense, the meeting was aimed at promoting healthy, stable and sustainable development of relations between the militaries of the two countries. During the meeting, the parties had a “frank and constructive exchange of views” on the current situation in the field of maritime and air security between China and the United States.

“China’s military will continue to respond to all dangerous and provocative actions in accordance with the law and regulations, firmly protect its territorial sovereignty, maritime rights and interests, and safeguard regional peace, stability and prosperity,” the Chinese defense ministry said in a statement posted on the official account on the WeChat social network.

The PRC military also stressed that Beijing “resolutely opposes any attempts to jeopardize China’s sovereignty and security under the pretext of freedom of navigation and flight.”

China, in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August 2022, suspended negotiations with Washington on a number of issues, including defense communications. Following negotiations between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco last year, the parties decided to resume military contacts between the US and China.