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Colombia’s president-elect Ivan Duque intends to ‘unite country’

Colombia’s president-elect Ivan Duque intends to ‘unite country’

Colombia’s new leader Ivan Duque intends to unite a country, after his victory in presidential elections on Sunday, the rightwinger became the youngest elected leader in Colombia’s 132-year history as a republic, Financial Times reported.

The 41-year-old Iván Duque had 54 percent of the vote, giving him an unassailable lead over his only rival Gustavo Petro who had 41.8 percent. The rightwinger got much more sympathy from Colombian people who believe that the young politician will change the future.

President-elect is promising “a new generation” of leadership for a country dominated by a long-established elite and still emerging from half a century of civil conflict. More than 10m votes were given to Mr Duque, which is the record in the history of Colombian political life.

In what has been a highly polarised campaign, many moderates had said they would abstain rather than vote for either Mr Duque or Mr Petro. President-elect Duque will be sworn in as the country’s new leader on August 7. His running mate, Marta Lucía Ramirez, will become Colombia’s first female vice-president.

Duque’s plans for Colombian future

In 2018, it was the first of three big presidential elections in Latin America, in the three most populous countries in the region- Colombia, Brazil, Mexico. An economical orthodox Duque has vowed to do common things when someone is taling the Office. He said he will cut corporate tax rates, slash red tape, clamp down on tax evasion and reduce legal uncertainty for foreign investors looking to enter the country’s oil and mining sectors.

Moreover, the 41-year-old new president has pledged to return Colombia to annual growth of 4.5 percent of GDP after the past two years in which the economy has expanded by an average of 1.9 percent.