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Evo Morales returned to Bolivia, welcomed by huge crowds

Evo Morales returned to Bolivia, welcomed by huge crowds

Bolivia’s former President arrived in Villazon where he was warmly welcomed by the huge crowds of his supporters, ANF reports.

Evo Morales made his first statements in the Bolivian city of Villazon a few hours after his coming back in Bolivia. In its first address on the native soil, Morales called for unity and mentioned recent actions to bribe his internal security.

“With patience and without violence, we recovered our Homeland. We returned millions,” Evo Morales stressed.

Commenting on the pro-West intervention, President Morales remind how they asked the military to intervene, but they didn’t succeed. The time for crying is over, the national leader added.

According to the former president, the coup plotters said that MAS could not return to the government nor Morales to Bolivia but the MAS is in the Government while “Evo in Bolivia thanks to the Bolivian people.”

As an illustration of perspectives, Morales added that “we have to work. Give birth to social programs. We will continue working for the country.”

The politician who came back to the native country promised that neither imperialism nor the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will have no impact on Bolivia. “Long live a dignified and sovereign Bolivia. Homeland or death,” Evo Morales said ending his first speech in Villazon.