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Felix Tshisekedi: Opposition leader named winner in DR Congo poll

Felix Tshisekedi: Opposition leader named winner in DR Congo poll

DR Congo developments have surprised many international and domestic observers because of the poll leader. Mr Tshisekedi will be the first opposition challenger to win the presidential race since Republic gained independence from Belgium 59 years ago, Guardian reported.

Tshisekedi was announced as a leader of the presidential election in DR Congo, the result announced early on Thursday means the first electoral transfer of power in almost six decades of independence in the African country.

Tshisekedi’s father Etienne was the veteran opposition leader, so, that victory caused a stir and many questions on Congolese mass media. “We must have clarity on these results, which are the opposite to what we expected,” foreign minister Yves Le Drian told during his press conference and added the influential Catholic Church, which had 40,000 observers at the election, had found absolutely “different” results.

DR Congo presidential race: too many questions arose

It will come as a shock to many observers who believed authorities would ensure that the government candidate, Emmanuel RamazaniShadary, would be the victor in the polls, the third since the end of a bloody civil war in 2002. Shadary was hand-picked by outgoing president Joseph Kabila to succeed him.

In addition, pre-election polls had given outspoken opposition frontrunner Martin Fayulu, a respected former business executive, a healthy lead.

Whether Mr Tshisekedi has the intention or the capacity to challenge the powerful hold Mr Kabila enjoys over the army, security services and key ministries will determine whether politics has really entered a new era.