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Jordan: King Abdullah replaces intelligence chief

Jordan: King Abdullah replaces intelligence chief

Jordan’s monarch made some shuffle and replaced the head of the kingdom’s General Intelligence Department (GID), Al Jazeera reported on Friday.

King Abdullah’s recent decree reads that Major General Ahmad Husni has appointed as the new head of Jordan’s intelligence department.

Since May 1st, Jordan’s intelligence service will work with a new chief, Maj Gen Husni was promoted from the rank of brigadier general and then appointed as a head of the GID. He replaced Lieutenant General Adnan Jundi, who was promoted by royal decree, too.

The appointment of Maj Gen Husni, who previously served as director of intelligence in Amman for five years, comes as Jordan faces a threat from extremist militant ideology epitomised by the rise of ISIS in neighbouring Iraq and Syria.

King Abdullah congratulated a new chief of Jordan’s intelligence dept

The critical reshuffle came a week after Jordan’s ruler made several changes to posts in the royal court. He appointed Bishr Al Khasawneh as his communication and co-ordination adviser, Kamal Al Nasser as policies and information adviser and Manar Al Dabbas and Mohammed Al Assass as his general advisers.

In a public letter to the new GID chief, King Abdullah said he was entrusting Maj Gen Husni to lead the security agency through “an intricate phase” for the region that posed unprecedented challenges to the kingdom.

According to King Abdullah, Jordan had managed to overcome many of these obstacles with the support of the armed forces, the GID and other security bodies, according to the contents of the letter reported by the Jordan Times.

“The GID’s career has been a bright and honorable one, but like any other public institution, it was not void of some transgressions by a small minority that placed its own interests above those of the country, which called for immediate rectification,” the Jordan’s monarch wrote.