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Jordan: King urges enhancing remote learning infrastructure

Jordan: King urges enhancing remote learning infrastructure

Jordan improves its remote learning infrastructure fast, taking into account the current situation with coronavirus in the region. King Abdullah who chaired the recent National Policies Council (NPC) meeting on Sunday hailed the remote approach to the learning and urged to enhance the whole system.

In Jordan, the distance learning procedures at universities and schools become the common practice under the nationwide lockdown, Petra news agency reported. To curb the coronavirus spreading, the students across the kingdom have the brilliant opportunity to study from home. No need to worry because the technical and methodological base from the government is a must, said King Abdullah.

Jordanian ruler called for assisting exporters to meet their obligations in terms of exports without negatively affecting the needs of the local market, the Royal Court statement said.

The NPC meeting, attended by HRH Crown Prince Hussein, covered the need for the government and concerned stakeholders to enhance remote learning infrastructure and content for university students. The Jordanian authorities should ensure an easy access through reliable telecom network coverage, according to a Royal Court statement.

During Sunday meeting, King Abdullah reiterated the need for a dedicated team to follow up on distance learning for university students to continuously improve it based on feedback from students and university professors.

In addition, the monarch urged Cabinet to work on meeting the basic needs of daily labourers during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 infection.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has prepared the ad hoc plan to ensure the continuity of public and private university education.

To summarize NPC meeting, Jordan formed three main teams to safeguard the national economy; oversee basic services, including education, higher education, health, water and electricity; and provide legal, administrative, field and media support to all sectors and task forces.