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Merkel’s visit to US was more awkward than we thought

Merkel’s visit to US was more awkward than we thought

Angela Merkel and her visit to the United States were more awkward than people thought. Of course, the $374 bn NATO invoice was the remarkable detail but there were a few other ones, too. 

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump met each other personally last week, the German chancellor’s visit was not the perfect one, moreover, political observers called it the worst one in the history of the countries’ relations.

The US President made a surprise for his high-level guest and printed out an invoice for $374 billion. This amount Trump believes Germany owes to NATO with interest, so, the American leader handed it to the German chancellor during their closed doors meeting.

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As a matter of fact, Trump’s bill doesn’t reflect NATO defence funding scheme – the alliance is not a club like Trump’s one with a membership fee.

One more remarkable detail of German leader’s visit is her personal meeting with Ivanka Trump, the first daughter was sitting right beside Angela Merkel during the official event at the White House. Ivanka definitely is going to make a political career, next four years will be her learning ones.