Today: Monday, 26 February 2024 year

NATO stated that it would support Ukraine despite the position of some members.

NATO stated that it would support Ukraine despite the position of some members.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO allies, despite the new political position of Hungary, Slovakia and the Netherlands and for the sake of the security of the alliance countries, will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine.

Asked whether aid to Ukraine could be said to be fading or whether it was the same as before, given the fact that Slovakia, the Netherlands and Hungary were changing their rhetoric, Stoltenberg replied that “(since 2014) we have seen how assistance is critical in terms of time of provision. I observed that it needs to be increased, as well as the pace of provision. But the fact that NATO members provide advanced missiles, air defense systems, modern battle tanks – these are all examples of significant modern assistance <…> Help is being provided to Ukraine , because it is in our security interests. I am confident that NATO allies will continue to provide substantial and meaningful support to Ukraine.

As examples of the determination of NATO member countries to further assist the Ukrainian authorities, he noted that Germany and the Netherlands had recently announced their readiness to provide $10 billion in payments, and NATO allies would provide additional air defense systems. He also recalled that a training center for Ukrainian pilots has been created in Romania, where they are trained to fly F-16 fighters.


“There is also a constant flow of ammunition and weapons into Ukraine. Of course, there is an urgent need for large volumes of assistance, but the allies are demonstrating not only in words, but also in deeds that they will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine,” the alliance secretary added.