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New corona restrictions take effect in Austria, Greece

New corona restrictions take effect in Austria, Greece

Amid strengthening coronavirus in Austria and Greece, the governments have tightened the rules again. New restrictions have taken effect to protect the population from the novel pathogen, Irish Examiner says.

Austria and Greece decided to follow an example of Germany, Italy, Kosovo, and Croatia that have tightened rules due to rising infections. Meanwhile, Germany and the UK have also announced new plans like expanding testing for the COVID-19.

In fact, the partial shutdown became a governmental signature this year. However, the UK people expected to face a near-total lockdown beginning Thursday, with an exception to keep schools and universities open.

In November, countries are scrambling to get ahead of the virus that has rampaged across the globe, causing more than 1.2m deaths, with more than 270,000 in Europe, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Germany said it is bulk-buying millions of antigen tests, which produce rapid results, to avoid banning visitors to nursing homes and preventing the anguish to residents and their relatives that such isolation caused in the spring. Nursing homes will receive up to 20 free monthly tests per resident, which can be used to test patients, staff, and visiting relatives who might be unwitting carriers.

Greece imposed a lockdown on Thessaloniki and province of Serres from Tuesday morning. Residents can only leave their homes for specific reasons and after notifying authorities by text.

Lighter restrictions took effect in the capital Athens, where restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms, museums, and entertainment venues shut down for two weeks. Nationwide, the government imposed a night-time curfew from midnight to 5 am, and made the wearing of masks outdoors compulsory.

Austria welcomed stricter rule due to new COVID-19 cases

New restrictions also came into effect in Austria today, hours after an attack on people in Vienna enjoying the last few hours before bars and restaurants closed.

Until the end of the month there, restaurants and bars can operate only for deliveries and takeaways, while cultural, sports, and leisure activities have been cancelled. Non-essential stores will remain open, but residents are asked to stay home between 8 pm and 6 am.

In neighbouring France, instead of allowing small businesses to reopen, the head of the government has ordered big supermarkets to stop selling non-essential goods.