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Spain made masks mandatory on all public transport

Spain made masks mandatory on all public transport

Spain’s government ordered the obligatory wearing masks in public transport from Monday, May 4th. The country is easing the restrictions but masks remain the mandatory aspect of the post-COVID era.

All the Spaniards will wear masks on public transport from May 4th, the government ordered. Pedro Sanchez’s Cabinet announced the new phase in the country’s daily life, and one of the measures is preventing a new wave of coronavirus.

While Spain starts lifting strict lockdown measures, the prime minister’s government already launched a massive distribution plan of masks on public transport on April 13th to coincide with the end of the lockdown period for non-essential economic activities.

Spain’s government “highly recommended” the use of masks

Fernando Simon, director of Spain’s Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, said last Wednesday that the use of face masks among the general population was “highly desirable” and “highly recommended” but that he wasn’t in favour of making it mandatory.

Spain’s government, which had until now “highly recommended” the use of masks, will distribute six million across the country’s main transport hubs from Monday and supply another seven million to local authorities.

A further seven million masks will be given to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and 1.5 million to various humanitarian organizations like Red Cross Society, Caritas and Cermi.