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Sudan protests attempt to copy Arab Spring, said president Bashir

Sudan protests attempt to copy Arab Spring, said president Bashir

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir tries to hold the power in his hands despite the worsening situation and strengthening the protests. As Reuters understood, Mr Bashir suggests that Sudan protests attempt to copy the Arab Spring but that 2010 process’ consequences were disastrous.

While Sudan is bored by Bashir, he acknowledged there were problems in the country but said they were not as big as portrayed by the media. The wave of protests over recent months showed that the Sudanese people definitely want Bashir’s stepping down. Despite the calls for change the ruler, Al-Bashir gave the speech, in which said there are efforts to destabilise his country through an attempt to replicate the so-called Arab Spring.

Since December, the protesters are shouting: “The people want the fall of the regime”, the similar slogan used to use during Arab Spring, a wave of protests which started in 2010 and spread across the Middle East and North Africa and led to civil wars and total destroying economies and people’s normal lives. Sudan’s president Bashir could crush any attempts to protest in Sudan in 2010 but not now.

Speaking of copying the Arab Spring, President Bashir acknowledged Sudan has a lot of problems but all of them should be resolved peacefully. Frankly, there is one important thing that neither Al-Bashir nor other rulers who preceded him seem to understand is that people get sick and tired of a government that remains in power for long periods, no matter who runs it.