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Thousands take to streets in new protests in Sudan

Thousands take to streets in new protests in Sudan

Sudanese people gathered for mass protests against the coup in the capital city Khartoum and other cities. On Saturday, demonstrators demanded ousted PM Abdullah Hamdok must be immediately reinstated, BBC has learned

Thousands of people are staging protests across Sudan against this week’s military coup, saying that a civilian-led government must be returned. On Saturday, demonstrators in Khartoum were seen marching with Sudanese flags and chanting “No to military rule!” Meantime, security forces are out in force in Khartoum.

On Monday, coup leader Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan dissolved civilian rule and arrested political leaders. For Sudan, it is the second coup in two years.

The General called a state of emergency, reiterating his actions were justified to avoid “civil war” and stop political infighting. The military takeover has drawn condemnation from doxens of nations.

“However, we do realize the current situation of Burhan – he has lost all his backing. This is really a one-person coup, there is nothing, no-one else to back him,” The Khartoum Resistance Committee member added.

According to police, there have been no reports of violence, while other sources insist at least 10 protesters were killed in clashes with the security forces this week.

Sudan: two coups in just two years

The Sudanese authorities have cut off the internet and other communications, as well as imposing restrictions on movement.

Civilian leaders and their military counterparts have been at odds since long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir was overthrown in 2019.

The agreement between civilian and military leaders signed that year was designed to steer Sudan towards democracy but has proven fragile with a number of previous coup attempts, the last just over a month ago.

Gen Burhan, who was head of the power-sharing council, said Sudan was still committed to the transition to civilian rule, with elections planned for July 2023.