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UN envoys tours Judea, Samaria area in Israel

UN envoys tours Judea, Samaria area in Israel

The UN delegation of 23 envoys visited Judea and Samaria last week, Israel Hayom reported. The diplomats’ tour aimed at observing of Arab and Israeli coexistence in Israel.

The delegation led by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon spent one day in Israel to see the truth about the Middle Eastern country.

“We have seen Arab and Israeli coexistence,” says Bosnia and Herzegovina UN Ambassador Sven Alkalaj.

Among Alkalaj’s colleagues were diplomats from 23 nations, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Guatemala, Haiti. The delegation has visited two regions, Judea and Samaria, last week, according to Mr Danny Danon’s report.

The tour was a part of the Samaria Regional Council’s foreign relations efforts, was led by Israel’s U.N envoy. The UN delegation’s members have met with Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan.

Later, the diplomats visited the Barkan ‎Industrial Park, where they met with Palestinians and Israeli workers. Located just north of the Trans-Samaria Highway, ‎the Park is home to 164 businesses that ‎employ some 4,200 Palestinians and 3,000 Israelis.

According to the local authorities, the waiting list to set up facilities in the Park, ‎one of the most sought-after industrial zones in ‎Israel, currently includes 60 enterprises.‎

“We have seen Arab and Israeli coexistence in factories and we think this is a very important project. By buying these products, we can give peace a real chance,” said Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador to the U.N. Sven Alkalaj.

Israeli’s ambassador to the UN said in his report that “the visit helps us to present the truth about Israel.” Last week, he also brought UN ambassadors to southern Israel to see first-hand Hamas’ terror tunnels. The diplomats could see how Iranian aggression operates from Gaza.