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Venezuela’s Maduro plans ‘deep restructuring’ of government

Venezuela’s Maduro plans ‘deep restructuring’ of government

Nicolas Maduro announced the plan to restructure the government, Hurriyet Daily News reported. The power struggle with opposition demands the powerful measures, Venezuela’s president believes.

A “deep restructuring” of Venezuelan government is the priority for Nicolas Maduro, said Vice President Delcy Rodriguez on March 17. While the Latin American state is trying to balance amid the deepening economic and social crisis, the political life demands new measures to fight the opposition. According to VP Rodriguez, Mr Maduro is ready to protect the fatherland of Bolivar and Chavez from any threat.

“President @NicolasMaduro has asked the entire executive Cabinet to put their roles up for review in a deep restructuring of the methods and functions of the Bolivarian government, to protect the fatherland of Bolivar and Chavez from any threat,” the Venezuelan Vice President wrote on Twitter on Sunday. The independence leader Simon Bolivar and former President Hugo Chavez are the iconic personalities for every Venezuelan.

Venezuelan government’s reshuffling should help Maduro in his struggle with Guaido

The possible Cabinet’s reshuffling comes on the heels of a nearly weeklong blackout that paralyzed the OPEC nation, which had already been experiencing a hyperinflationary economic collapse, shortages of food and medicine and the emigration of millions of citizens.

Last week, Nicolas Maduro has blamed the blackout on a cyber attack perpetrated by the United States and sabotage by the domestic opposition, but local electrical engineers confirmed it was the result of years of underinvestment and lack of maintenance of the country’s power plants and electricity grid. The upgrading of the electricity system is the top priority for Venezuela so far.

Last Saturday, in a visit to electricity workers in southern Bolivar state, Venezuelan leader pledged a restructuring of state power company Corpoelec and promised to create a unit in the armed forces focused on protecting key infrastructure from cyber attacks.

President Maduro has repeatedly changed his government members since taking office in 2013, with members of the military rising to posts heading the oil, interior and electricity ministries.