Donald Trump insults women, Mike Pence puts them in danger

October 6, 2016

The politician Donald Trump knows how to put everything upside down, his supporters often do the same. As a result, the politic turns into a show, and the winner is the one who attracted more attention. At any cost. This is the paradigm of the behavior of Donald Trump during his US presidential election campaign in 2015-2016. Trump insults women, Mike Pence puts them in danger, that’s the recent news from the pre-election fields.

Donald Trump treats women is no exception, and his misogynistic comments are brazen and crude. But the obviousness of Trump’s sexism is also what makes it dangerous. But Trump’s running mate Mike Pence is much worse for women than Trump’s expressions and behavior.

Mike Pence is very dangerous, he has one of the most extreme records on women’s rights in the Republican Party. Pence is proud of his own extreme views, moreover, he made them a political reality. In comparison with Pence, Trump’s boorishness and attacks on women’s health seem moderate and reasonable. So, Republican Mike Pence seems to be dangerous political personality, indeed.