Hillary Clinton leans on black women to stop Donald Trump in Ohio

Last Updated: October 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton leans on black women to stop Donald Trump, the Democratic candidate fully understands that black minority is a key to Democrats’ hopes in Ohio. 

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Ohio this week, the black women here are some of the most reliable and progressive voters. In 2012, during Obama’s presidential race, 83 percent of registered black women turned out to vote, the exit polls say that African American voters accounted for 15 percent of the vote in Ohio. Most of them were women.

In October, Hillary Clinton campaign allies are working in the conservative white suburbs and a black urban core, Hamilton County. Ohio campaign became an emblem of the demographic and racial contours of this election.

Cincinnati is a very important city for ‘Stronger together’ campaign this time. Inside the neighborhoods of downtown Cincinnati the campaign is gunning to register and turn out black voters at levels greater than Obama did in 2012.