Hillary Clinton met with millennials

September 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton met with millennials, which is a large group of voters. These 18- to 35-year-olds have a message for the Democratic nominee: Young people aren’t going to vote for you just because you promise them free college. The same they said to the Republican candidate as well.

Hillary Clinton wants to get the support of millennials, according to the polls, more than a third of this large voter segment will be backing a third-party candidate. So, Clinton decided to emphasize her proposals on higher education.

Hillary Clinton planned to make college debt-free, such a move could be very useful for her campaign right now. Clinton noted that for those who already have student loans, she promises to ease the burden of that debt. Such a music for the young people’s ears could make students vote for Democrats’ nominee, but it’s not necessarily sufficient to drive them to the polls.