President Dilma Rousseff takes stand in Brazil impeachment trial

August 29, 2016

President Dilma Rousseff started to defend herself in the impeachment trial, which began on Monday. Mrs. Rousseff faced accusations in the different crimes linked to the corruption in Brazil, but she insists she’d been “faithful to my compromise to the nation.”

Dilma Rousseff  takes stand in Brazil impeachment trial, the process has started on Monday. According to her active defending in the trial, the President will not leave her highest post without a fight:

“I’ll plan and fight for democracy. I don’t fight for my term for the power, but I fight for the democracy for truth and justice and the people of my country.”

These words are rather loud, but hardly Brazil people have some trust in Rousseff. Too many corruption scandals, too high is an inflation rate for believing in Dilma Rousseff as a President. Public opinion is against her, say the experts, and the country is trying to pick itself out of recession now. Better to do it with a new President, but who knows, whether he/she will be wiser and stronger than a predecessor.