Queen Elizabeth using Prince William and Kate Middleton as unofficial Brexit ambassadors

Last Updated: March 7, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II is a wise ruler who is using the next royal generation as the unofficial Brexit ambassadors. People like Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, so they are the perfect option for the popularity of Brexit. So far, The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge are planned several trips to Europe with one mission: to bring Brexit decision as an inevitable and useful decision for entire EU.

Queen Elizabeth using his the most her prominent grandson as the Brexit populariser among the European leaders. So far, The Duke of Cambridge and his spouse Kate Middleton are preparing now for the EU tour as the unofficial Brexit ambassadors.

William and Kate have an important mission while the touring in France, Germany and Poland, according to the Sun, one aide close to the situation even said:

“After the Queen, the Duke and Duchess are seen as the ultimate in soft diplomacy. They’re very much seen as unofficial Brexit ambassadors.”

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William and Kate need to charm European leaders

Queen Elizabeth hopes that adorable royal couple can charm European leaders, whole Windsor family known as the strong supporters of Brexit, so the Queen’s desire to hold together the British Commonwealth nations is fully understandable. But there is one exclusion: Prince William was against Brexit but Elizabeth II makes him do what she wants.

Who knows, maybe the waving, smiling and mingling with diplomats will help to Queen’s soft diplomacy and maintain ties with other EU countries.

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Last week, Kensington Palace informed that full details of The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge’s trips will be released soon.