Roman Abramovich plans to turn 3 New York homes into stunning $78m mansion

March 17, 2017

Roman Abramovich owns not only Chelsea FC but a stunning mansion in New York. The Russian billionaire has already submitted plans how he will turn three NYC homes along East 75th Street into one and luxury mansion.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has the great plans regarding his three homes in the centre of New York, Upper East Side. He is going to turn them into one mansion will look wonderful. the submitted further plans for an incredible multi-million dollar mansion in New York. According to the architectural idea, the mansion will consist of the central atrium, a roof-top garden and a library.

The NYC authorities are agreed with the architectural plans of Mr Abramovich, the city commission has approved them but there is one more clearing needs to be — plans must also be approved by the Department of Buildings.

Earlier, Roman Abramovich planned to convert five homes on the Upper East Side into one home. The billionair’s lawyers spent months battling to realise an initial plan. Despite all the efforts, the plan was delayed by New York’s Landmark’s Preservation Commission but they were approved after revisions.

Abramovich wants to combine the three properties along East 75th Street near Central Park into one house with a pool, sauna and a two-floor art room.

Abramovich’s 18,000 square-foot mansion in NYC