Pro-Putin party United Russia: predictable victory on Russian election

September 19, 2016

Pro-Putin party United Russia won a majority in the country’s parliamentary election. Such a predictable win left behind other political parties, in Russian parliament 343 from 450 seats now belong to the member of United Russia.

Pro-Putin party United Russia (UR) won the elections to the parliament called State Douma, the candidates from UR got 343 seats in the 450-member parliament, said officials on Monday. As for now, 93% of the votes counted, the main rivals of UR were too weak — The Communist Party and nationalist LDPR both secured just over 13%.


The opposition parties Yabloko and Parnas received just 1.89% and 0.7% respectively. They called these elections very disappointing event, which was held with the voting irregularities. In several areas of Russian Federation, the observers noted the irregularities, and the head of the election commission suggested that the results might be canceled in three polling stations.

President Putin is satisfied with the results, indeed, the Russian leader noted in his speech in front of UR activists that party had “achieved a very good result”. It worth to note that Mr Putin has started his political career as a Prime Minister 17 years ago and shifted three parties. During his KGB career he was a communist until 1991, then a member of NDR in 1995, in 2008 Putin becomes a head (not a member!) of the party United Russia.