Three attacks in Saudi Arabia: global wave of bombings

July 5, 2016

Three attacks in Saudi Arabia less in a one week meant to be new–global–wave of bombings. Suicide bombers targeted three locations in Saudi Arabia, according to the latest data bombers suspected to link to the Islamic State (IS). Such a terrible terror action during Ramadan are just unbelievable, say Muslims.

Saudi Arabia suffers from the terrorist attacks, during last week three explosives were made by suicide bombers. One of the biggest terror attacks was made in Medina, that made the Muslims very sad because it is Ramadan month now. Three Saudi bomber incidents look like well-organized terroristic activity, it’s new wave of global bombings, experts say.

Three Saudi attacks suspected linked to IS, caused few casualties: at a US consulate in Jeddah, a mosque frequented by Shi’ite worshipers in Qatif, and a security center in one of Islam’s holiest sites, the historic city of Medina. The IS gave no immediate claim of responsibility, but it’s obvious that bombers were linked to the IS, say interior ministry of Saudi Arabia.