UN Special Envoy for Syria welcomes ceasefire understanding

September 10, 2016

UN Special Envoy for Syria welcomed a ceasefire agreement, the date September 9 became a day of cessation of hostilities in Syria. Thanks to the accord of the senior officials from US and Russia, a ceasefire is enacted. 

United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan De Mistura announced on Sept. 9 the ceasefire in Syria conflict. According to the Special Envoy, the UN will do its best and pledge support an early restoration of a cessation of hostilities.

The long meeting between US’ Secretary of State John Kerry and head of Russian MFA Sergey Lavrov ended with the decision to start the ceasefire. Such a pause gives an opportunity to all parties to the conflict in SAR to facilitate humanitarian access in besieged and hard-to-reach areas.

The most important moment of the long and hard meeting of senior officials is the fact that the Russian Federation and the United States are ready to work together to fight ISIS and Al Nusra front. As noted Mr. De Mistura in his statement issued on Sept.9:

“It creates a real window of opportunity which all relevant actors in the region and beyond should seize to put the crisis in Syria on a different path and ease the violence and suffering being endured by the Syrian people”.