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A scandal erupted over surveillance of officials in Slovakia.

A scandal erupted over surveillance of officials in Slovakia.

Software to combat the leak of internal documents was secretly installed on the computers of employees of the Slovak Prosecutor General’s Office, Slovak media reported on Friday.

“Security software, which is supposed to counteract the leakage of internal documents, was installed on the computers in the prosecutor’s office by its chief Maroš Zilinka. The system was tested for a long time without the knowledge of the prosecutors themselves. When they found out about this, they began to demand information about how much their computers are controlled and what is happening with data about them further,” the journalists write.

According to information, the system has been fully operational since May. The Prosecutor General’s Office did not comment on the information about the new software, the department only assured that all measures for cybersecurity were taken in accordance with the law.

“The system is able to track the activity of prosecutors when working with a computer and in the course of electronic communication. For example, it can track and evaluate which pages the prosecutor visits on the computer and how much time he spends on them,” the media write.

A priority task for software aimed at preventing documents from leaking through e-mail or USB drives is to track the movement of files with certain keywords – “verdict”, “interrogation”, “account number” or “passport number”, the sources say.