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A train carrying hazardous substances derailed in Arizona.

A train carrying hazardous substances derailed in Arizona.

A freight train carrying hazardous substances has derailed in Arizona, according to the New York Times, citing local authorities.

The accident occurred on Wednesday evening near the town of Topok in Mojave County.
A freight train carrying hazardous materials has derailed in western Arizona.

Mojave County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Anita Mortensen confirmed that the train derailed near the Arizona border with California and Nevada. However, she noted that she had no information about the leak as a result of the crash.

In early February, the United States was rocked by another railroad accident. A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Ohio on Feb. 3 carrying dozens of wagons full of hazardous chemicals. The accident caused a fire and an explosion. Hazardous substances were found in the atmosphere, and to eliminate an even greater threat, rescuers opened containers of chemicals in order to carry out their controlled arson. After the accident, the authorities evacuated local residents, but later they were allowed to return home. The state’s Department of the Environment said that the level of pollution does not exceed acceptable standards. At the same time, the old-timers spoke about cases of malaise, as well as the death of animals and fish due to the release of chemicals after the accident.