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Angela Merkel was blamed in the recent attack on the Berlin Christmas market

Angela Merkel was blamed in the recent attack on the Berlin Christmas market

Angela Merkel can be guilty in the death of at least 12 and injuries of dozens people that were caused by the Polish truck in the Christmas market in Berlin. At least German Chancellor was blamed in the incident by the Member of the European Parliament Marcus Pretzell.

Pretzell expressed his point of view in Twitter. The center-right politician claimed recent deaths were on Merkel’s conscience.

“When will this cursed hypocrisy end? It is Merkel’s dead!” Pretzell wrote on his Twitter account.

It was obvious the man spoke about the German strategy in the case of refugees. Mr Pretzell is against their arrival in the country; he even wanted border guards to ward off asylum seekers with the aid of armed force. These comments cost the politician a membership in the European Conservatives and Reformists faction of the European Parliament. However, Pretzell wasn’t banished from the Parliament, he just moved to another fraction.

Merkel’s administration allowed thousands of refugees to enter the country. This policy was criticized by many officials and common people as they believe the inflow of asylum seekers led to the rise of crime rates. Officials (including Ms Merkel) already believe the recent incident with the truck was a terroristic attack. Policemen already told the lorry was deliberately driven to the crowd. Merkel will experience an additional political pressure if suspicions in the refugees’ participation in the incident will confirm.

Angela Merkel was criticized for the deportation of asylum seekers

It was already mentioned German people criticized their Chancellor for her decision to allow refugees to enter the country. However, recent news showed the same negative reaction will be caused by Merkel’s opposite decisions. On Saturday, hundreds of people marched in Dresden to protest against the deportation of 100,000 asylum seekers. The list includes about 12,500 Afghans.

As a result of the German Chancellor’s open door policy around 1.5million migrants entered the country since the start of 2015.

However last month Ms Merkel changed her stance on the policy in fears it could impact her election campaign next year.

Ms Merkel has since said she will support a ban of burkas “wherever possible” in the country and also ordered boats that were patrolling the Mediterranean to pick up migrants to send them back to Africa.

The German government is set to spend around €50 million over the next three years to ensure that those who voluntarily wish to return to their own country will be supported.