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Another MiG-29 crashes in Poland

Another MiG-29 crashes in Poland

Another incident with the Russian-made jet fighter MiG-29 took place in Mazowsze, Central Poland. Tuesday’s crash continued the ‘black series’ of similar crashes, the incident was confirmed by the spokesman of Poland’s Armed Forces.

Poland Ministry of defence said that the Polish MiG-29 fighter jet has crashed on Tuesday. The General Command lieutenant colonel Marek Pawlak confirmed that no one was harmed in the incident, the pilot was experienced and coped with a situation quickly, he ejected before the crash, which was registered four minutes after the fighter took off from the 23rd Tactical Air Base in Mińsk Mazowiecki. MiG-29 had been checked before take-off and did not want to speculate on what had caused the crash.

The Armed Forces’s spokesman said that was a test flight. “Such flights are held after completing different enhancements on a particular type of aircraft,” AF spokesman, General Command lieutenant colonel Pawlak, explained.

Despite the Russian made jet fighter was 30-years-old, the ministry of defence made a decision to withhold further flights of MiG-29s.

MiG-29: black series

In June 2016, one of the Polish MiG-29 suffered from a fire. In July 2018, one such unit crashed during test runs from the air base in Malbork, North-West Poland. The pilot did not survive.

Another incident followed in December 2017, the jet fighter was also from the base in Mińsk Mazowiecki. That time, the pilot was able to eject in time. The Air Force announced its plans to replace old Russian MiG’s with the fifth generation jet fighters in the foreseeable future, however, there are no details or schedule.