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Belgium pioneers 21-day quarantine for monkeypox patients

Belgium pioneers 21-day quarantine for monkeypox patients

Belgium becomes the first country in the world to introduce a three-week quarantine for monkeypox patients

Any Belgian who is found to have the virus will have to spend 21 days in isolation. The same will apply to everyone who has been in contact with the sick.

It is clarified that this decision was made following a meeting of the Belgian risk assessment group after three cases of monkeypox were found in the country. So far, there have been three cases of monkeypox in the country.

In addition, the virus has been identified in several European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, as well as in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that monkeypox may soon spread to other countries.

According to immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov, the likelihood of monkeypox appearing in Russia is small, but it is, so anti-epidemic services should carefully consider this issue.