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Berlin police refused to tear off the asphalt activists who stuck themselves.

Berlin police refused to tear off the asphalt activists who stuck themselves.

The Berlin Police Union demanded that the city authorities shift the obligation to peel protesters from the road surface, as law enforcement officers have to work with traumatic tools, after which they often receive claims from victims. This is stated on July 19 in the union’s Twitter.

“When knocked out with a chisel, injuries can quickly occur,” said Bodo Pfalzgraf, chairman of the German police union in Berlin.

According to him, after the release, the protesters are suing the police, accusing law enforcement officers of bodily harm. The Graf Palatinate added that his colleagues should not take such risks.

“Release work should be carried out by specialized road construction companies, then the costs will be fixed immediately,” the policeman suggested. ⠀

On July 12, the Berlin Police Union called on the judiciary to arrest more climate activists to prevent road blockages. As the Rbb24 portal noted, the police see the same people every day who have glued themselves to the asphalt. After the release, the protesters return to the roads again, creating tension among the population, the police said.

On July 10, it became known that the police used a mixture of vegetable oil and acetone when releasing activists. Then, using plastic or wooden spatulas and brushes, careful attempts are made to penetrate the joint without damaging the skin.

Some drivers have already tried to help the protesters, but this should not be done, law enforcement officers warned.