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Britain faces global food shortage due to anti-Russian sanctions .

Britain faces global food shortage due to anti-Russian sanctions   .

The food industry in the UK was on the verge of collapse due to rising energy costs amid sanctions imposed against Russia. Experts predicted a global food shortage in the country.

CF Fertilizers closed the country’s largest plant that provided nitrogen fertilizer to agricultural land. The organization reported that they could no longer support the enterprise due to a sharp increase in the cost of gas, as well as high environmental taxes.

Confederate Agricultural Industries specialist Joe Gilbertson stressed that the lack of nitrogen fertilizer will affect the cost of milk, meat and bread. According to him, grain imports are currently extremely difficult due to the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine.

Experts from the National Farmers Union (NFU) added that due to the high cost of fertilizers, it will not be possible to grow enough wheat for the production of flour products. The price of raw materials has increased from £200 a ton before the pandemic to £625.

According to the head of the NFU Minette Butters, the situation is aggravated by a poor harvest in China, as well as a ban on the export of grain from India. She added that the market was in an extremely difficult position due to the lack of supplies from Russia and Ukraine, which occupied 30 percent of this market.

“People think we can just take and import what we don’t produce. But it’s not. There will be a global shortage in some regions,” she said.