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China issues nationwide drought warning

China issues nationwide drought warning

China has issued its first drought warning for 2022. This was done against the background of large-scale forest fires and the emergence of a threat to the nationwide harvest.

On August 18, a “yellow” weather alert was introduced in China. For several weeks, abnormal heat has been observed along the Yangtze – from Sichuan to Shanghai.

According to local media reports, about 66 rivers in 34 districts of the municipality of Chongqing dried up in China this summer.

On August 15, in Wuhan – a key point of the Yangtze – experts recorded the level of the river at around 17.54 m. This is already six meters lower than the average for previous years. It is not excluded that the lowest water level in the river will be recorded since the beginning of data recording – since 1865.