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China ready to help, Xi Jinping tells Donald Trump

China ready to help, Xi Jinping tells Donald Trump

China is ready to support the United States in its current struggle with coronavirus epidemic, said Xi Jinping during the phone call. Donald Trump and the Chinese leader have discussed the united response to virus pandemic.

Mr Xi said that China prepared to shut its borders to foreign arrivals amid fears of infections coming from abroad, reiterating the importance of quarantine for the US where nearly 85,000 infections were registered.

During the phone call, the Chinese leader highly appreciated the bravery of the American doctors who are struggling to cope with the wave of patients with COVID-19. President Xi’s offer of assistance to the United States in a telephone call came amid a war of words between officials in Beijing and Washington DC over various issues including the coronavirus epidemic.

While the Western countries have accused China of a lack of transparency on the virus, Xi Jinping reiterated to Donald Trump during the phone call that China had been open and transparent about the epidemic, according to an account of the conversation published by the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs.

Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital, removed border restrictions on Wednesday for all but Wuhan, which will allow people to leave the city starting on April 8.

Mr Trump said on Twitter that he discussed the coronavirus outbreak “in great detail” with the Chinese leader.

“China has been through much & has developed a strong understanding of the virus,” Mr Trump said. “We are working closely together. Much respect!”.

As the WHO reports on Saturday, the United States recorded 17,099 new coronavirus cases and 281 deaths in the past 24 hours. In other words, the country is expected to become the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic, which will definitely need humanitarian assistance to curb the virus.