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Congress admitted that the project to help Ukraine will be studied next week.

Congress admitted that the project to help Ukraine will be studied next week.

US House Speaker Mike Johnson is likely to introduce a bill next week for additional funding for national security purposes, including assistance to Ukraine, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said.

“Speaker Johnson could have introduced a separate aid package for Israel this week. But instead, he will most likely tie Israeli aid to $60 billion for Ukraine next week,” she said on social media.

In her opinion, such a step would be dictated by Johnson’s desire to “put pressure” on members of Congress to support Israel at the same time as funding Ukraine.

The bill, which involves, among other things, appropriating more than $60 billion for the needs of Kyiv, was previously approved by the US Senate, but has not yet received support in the House of Representatives. Previously allocated funds ran out in December last year, and parts of previously announced military assistance packages are coming to Ukraine in fulfillment of previous contracts.

Johnson previously expressed hope that lawmakers would be able to begin considering a bill to help Kyiv upon returning from their vacation on April 9. According to him, the document will contain new concepts and approaches, in particular, a rule on the confiscation of Russian frozen assets may appear. Johnson may face a rebellion by fellow party members dissatisfied with the support for Ukraine. They may try to force his removal from office if the bill comes to a vote.

The House’s Democratic minority is hinting that it is ready to support the speaker in this case. Last December, the US administration exhausted its possibilities for providing arms to Ukraine; this year only one aid package worth $300 million was transferred. The White House’s request to allocate $60 billion for Kyiv is awaiting approval.