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Cuba to ask COVID-19 negative test result from foreign visitors

Cuba to ask COVID-19 negative test result from foreign visitors

Cuba is strengthening the rules for foreign visitors. Since Jan 1st, all travellers will have to present the COVID-19 negative test result to enter Cuba, said the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

In a couple of days, all international travellers entering Cuba must present a COVID-19 negative test result, teleSUR has learned. According to the new rules, the test must be performed by a certified laboratory in the country of origin no later than 72 hours before the flight.

The Cuban health ministry has reported a significant increase in daily COVID-19 cases on the island since the reopening of its borders in mid-October. Most of the new corona cases are attributable either to tourists or to Cuban residents who had contact with them.

The capital city Havana, with 2.2 million inhabitants, concentrates the most corona cases. Its Jose Marti International Airport is the main access point for travellers to the country.

On Christmas Eve, Cuba reported 217 corona new infections, a record number of COVID-19 in one day since nine months ago. Thus, the country is facing its most complex epidemiological scenario, with over 1,000 active cases. The doctors believe that an upward trend in cases could continue in the next few days.

The Island of Freedom establishes for residents two corona tests when they enter Cuba. While the first test is carried out at the airport, the No2 test is performed at their residence five days after their arrival. The visitors must remain at home until they have the negative result of the test No2.