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Doctors spoke about Zeman’s condition after the surgery. .

Doctors spoke about Zeman’s condition after the surgery.  .

The condition of former Czech President Milors Zeman remains serious after surgery on his leg on Thursday; he is still in intensive care, Pavlina Dankova, a spokeswoman for the Prague Motol hospital where the ex-president is hospitalized, told reporters on Saturday.

“Mr. Zeman is in the intensive care unit after surgery for a blood clot in his leg. His health condition is still serious, but stable and is not getting worse. A consultation of doctors will be held on Monday, which, based on the examination, will make a conclusion about further treatment options for Mr. ex-president “Dankova said.

Zeman, who turns 80 in September, arrived at Motol Hospital on Thursday for examination after complaining of pain in his leg, according to his family. After a short examination, doctors concluded that emergency surgery was necessary due to a critical lack of blood in the leg caused by a blood clot.

As reported by the head of the Ministry of Health, Vlastimil Valek, speaking on Czech TV, during the operation, doctors opened the arteries on Zeman’s leg and restored the blood supply.

Zeman served as President of the Czech Republic from 2013 to 2018 and from 2018 to 2023. Back in 2013, doctors reported that Zeman suffered from multifunctional neuropathy, which causes him to lose sensation in his legs, which is usually a neurological complication of diabetes. In April 2021, Zeman announced that he had decided to use a wheelchair due to problems with walking and stability.