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Dodon said that a dictatorship is being established in Moldova.

Dodon said that a dictatorship is being established in Moldova.

The authorities of Moldova are setting up a dictatorship in the country, since all authorities are led by representatives of the ruling Action and Solidarity party, and they are trying to crack down on the opposition, said the former president of the republic, Igor Dodon.

“It must be admitted that over the past year, after the early parliamentary elections, when Maia Sandu’s party won a parliamentary majority and control over all government bodies, a dictatorship has been established in Moldova. This must be recognized openly, this is happening with the tacit consent of European and American partners. It seems that that they were given carte blanche to destroy the opposition, in the hope that it will simply not remain in the next elections,” Dodon said.

According to him, criminal cases against representatives of the opposition “flow like water.


“Of course, they will try to further ban some political parties of the opposition, but this will not help them, because the discontent that exists will spill out anyway. was in the USSR, and this is the right-wing party, whose anti-rating is already over 70%, they will not succeed,” the ex-president noted.