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Donald Trump calls for a glass wall along the border with Mexico

Donald Trump calls for a glass wall along the border with Mexico

Donald Trump didn’t leave the idea of the constructing the wall along the border with Mexico. The American leader has called to build the wall of glass and even explained all the advantages of such constructive element of the border.

The US President urges to build the wall along the border with the southern neighbour, Mexico, and the recent Trump’s idea surprised the people a lot. According to the President, despite the craziness of an idea of the glass wall, it would need to be see-through to stop passersby being hit with heavy sacks of drugs being thrown over it.

“One of the things with the wall is you need transparency. You have to be able to see through it,”

added the President before his leaving to Paris for the traditional Bastille Day parade. This year, he and the first lady were invited to Champs Elysee to mark another anniversary of the Republic on July 14.

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President Trump about the glass wall: advantages of the transparency

Donald Trump insists that we all need transparency, especially when it’s about the borders of the USA. The office has already got some incredible designs, revealed the POTUS.

Mexico’s diplomats have their own opinion regarding all this idea about the wall, glass, steel, solar panels, whatever it is. Andres Rozental, ex-ambassador to the UK, told Sky News the idea was “the most ridiculous thing I have heard in many, many years”.

The wall on US-Mexico border was the central and most extravagant promises of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Obviously, the American leader inclines to keep his promise at any cost, especially if he thinks Mexico will cover all the expenses on wall’s building. However, Mr Rozental estimated there was a “less than 20% chance that this wall – as he calls it – will ever be built”.