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Donald Trump isn’t funny anymore, says Obama

Donald Trump isn’t funny anymore, says Obama

Donald Trump became one of the subjects of conversation Obama and Kimmel. During the show,  they also discussed Hillary Clinton, according to Mr President, she’s doing very well in this situation. Regarding Trump, Obama was not so kind, he thinks ‘Trump isn’t funny anymore.’

Barack Obama visited Kimmel Show, where answered many questions regarding the Presidential election 2016 and nominees. In response to Kimmel’s question about why so many people seem to distrust Hillary Clinton, the president explained that “a lot of this just has to do with the fact that she has been in the trenches, in the arena, for 30 years.”

The presidency of Obama is ending soon, so, Kimmel asked about the post-presidency life. The people is very interested in the family’s plan to stay in Washington. Obama joked:

“I’m like the old guy in the bar where you went to high school, just kind of hanging around.”

When the men started to talk about Donald Trump, Barack Obama noted that ‘Trump isn’t funny anymore,’ despite the president “most of the time” laughs while watching the debates with the Republican candidate.