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Emmanuel Macron’s popularity at record lows, say polls

Emmanuel Macron’s popularity at record lows, say polls

Emmanuel Macron has lost his lustre as a politician who is able to show France its brighter future, the polls show. On Sunday, national leader’s popularity was only 29 percents, as low as never before.

The poll by research group Ifop and published in the Journal du Dimanche showed an overall fall of five points in September compared with August, reflecting the 40-year-old’s battle with a series of neverending domestic and foreign setbacks. The results reinforce a longer-term trend of French voters turning quickly on their presidents soon after their election — something suffered by Macron’s predecessors Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Aссording to poll,  29 percent of respondents satisfied with Macron’s leadership. However, i is not the lowest figures. an earlier separate poll by the Kantar Sofres Onepoint group published on September 17th showed that only 19 percent of French people positively look at Macron’s actions. The migrant issue is also problematic for France, people often don’t support Macron’s government’s decisions.

So far, Macron’s biggest challenge remains the economy and unemployment, and that is quite strange, earlier, Mr Macron was working as a minister of economy. Actually, the 40-year-old French leader and his cabinet have another chance to improve their image. On Monday, a government is going to unveil its draft budget for 2019, which is set to see fresh efforts to rein in France’s chronic overspending via cuts to the public sector payroll and caps on pensions.