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France sees sharp decline in daily COVID-19 fatalities

France sees sharp decline in daily COVID-19 fatalities

France’s Health Ministry on Saturday confirmed a sharp decline in fatalities from the COVID-19. The authorities said only 81 fatalities over the past 24 hours registered, that number is significantly down from 250 a day earlier.

While the prime minister laid out the plan on gradual lifting restrictions after lockdown, the health ministry reports good news. The death toll in France stands at 26,310, with the total number of cases reaching 138,854, Andalou Agency said.

As many as 77 people died in French hospitals stand, while only four people were reported to have succumbed to the disease in nursing homes. To sum it up, the total number of fatalities in hospital to date is 16,573 and the total number of deaths in nursing homes is 9,737.

In France, one of the most-coronavirused nations across Europe, the number of hospitalizations dropped again on Saturday, with cases standing now at 22,547, a reduction of 177 patients over Friday.

Meanwhile, May 11 will become a great day for the country. On Monday, France will begin a “gradual” easing of its Covid-19 lockdown measures. Here’s everything you need to know about the restrictions being lifted.

After eight weeks in lockdown, France is set to enter a new phase on Monday, as the government begins a “very gradual process” of easing restrictions on movement, businesses and schools.

For many, the most visible sign of a return to normal will be the reopening of most businesses. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday that “all businesses except cafés, bars and restaurants will reopen”.