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Germany: Tuesday smashes year’s heat record as heatwave set to continue

Germany: Tuesday smashes year’s heat record as heatwave set to continue

German weather history registered one of the hottest July since measurements began, the month’s final 24 hours have smashed the year’s temperature record, TheLocal reported.

The German Weather Service (DWD) recorded a temperature of 39.2 degrees in Bernburg in Saxony-Anhalt at 2 pm on Tuesday. According to the meteorologists, that temperature smashed the previous high of 38.0 degrees set on July 26th in Duisburg.

July 2018 is expected to be the fifth warmest July since measurements began and the second sunniest July since 1951. The meteorologists warn that early August is not going to bring relief from the blistering heat in Germany. The last summer month will set the turbulent weather in some regions, the DWD predicted – from the southwest to the northeast a thunderstorm strip is expected to stretch over the country on Wednesday. Heavy rain, hail and squalls can occur locally.

The record-breaking drought is an extremely harmful factor for Germany’s agricultural sector as well. Meanwhile, the knock-on effects of the grain shortage have already been dramatic, depriving farmers of animal feed and sending prices soaring.

Dozens of dairy farmers have responded by selling their livestock. The number of slaughtered cows and heifers surged 10 percent in the first two weeks of July, according to figures from the Federal Agriculture and Nutrition Agency.

While Greece has been ravaged by devastating forest fires, Germany has been less afflicted due to its less vulnerable types of vegetation and the higher concentration of fire brigades.