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Hungary sets up defense council led by Orban

Hungary sets up defense council led by Orban

Hungary has created a defense council under Prime Minister Viktor Orban with special powers to make political decisions, Orban’s spokesman Bertalan Havasi said.

“On Tuesday morning, under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orban … a defense council was created … In connection with the special operation in Ukraine and the subsequent European economic crisis, as well as increased migration pressure, special attention should be paid in the coming years to the protection security and sovereignty of Hungary,” Havasi said.

It is noted that the defense council will deal with proposals and reports related to the national security services, public security, border police, national defense, refugee affairs, disaster protection, counter-terrorism and defense development.

“The Defense Council is a forum for government political decision-making with special powers, the chairman is the prime minister, and the secretary is the chief national security adviser,” the statement said.

The council will reportedly include the head of the prime minister’s office, the interior minister, the defense minister, the foreign minister, and the chief national security adviser nominated by the prime minister. “The Defense Council meets as needed, but at least once every two weeks. Any member can initiate an extraordinary meeting,” the report says.