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In Namibia, a German minister was accused of neo-colonialism.

In Namibia, a German minister was accused of neo-colonialism.

The Minister of the Environment of Namibia, which was a former colony of Germany, in the Bild publication accused his German colleague of neo-colonialism due to the latter’s intention to introduce a ban on the import of hunting trophies into Germany.

Earlier it became known that German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke from the Green party wants to limit, and, if possible, even ban the import of hunting trophies from Africa.

“If Germany wants to make it impossible for us to trophy hunt, then this is an illegal, neo-colonial intervention that is contrary to international law. We really cannot imagine Germany doing this to us. Our countries are friends. If you want to protect animals, you must allow controlled hunting,”  Namibian Environment Minister Pohamba Shifeta. Said.

Germany controlled Namibia, then called German South West Africa, from 1884 to 1915. In the course of suppressing the uprisings of local tribes, Germany resorted to the mass extermination of local peoples, such as the Herero people. Overcoming the difficult legacy of the colonial era is an important component of modern relations between Germany and Namibia.